How many pints in a litre

How many pints in a litre: A Complete Guide

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Have you ever wondered in school how many pints in a litre? Because it has always been on the mind of so many of us. It has always been a tough thing to have these conversions. 

This is why today, we will be breaking down all these confusions you have about pints and litres. 

To know  how many pints in a litre you have to stay with us till the end of the blog

Understanding the Pint and Litre Measurement Units

In our everyday life measuring liquid is crucial whether you are a housewife who cooks or you are working at beverages shops or petrol pumps and even if you are not working it helps to understand the amount of ingredients mentioned on the products to understand the exact amount of ingredients. In this complete guide to the conversion of Pints to litres, we will explain each and every detail regarding the conversion of pint into litre. This article includes:

  •       Concept of pints and litres
  •       Difference between both of these measuring units
  •       Basic conversion formula 
  •       Applying formulas with examples.
  •       Ways to convert Pints into litre
  •       Importance of conversion in everyday life

To begin with, Pint and Litre are the measuring units for determining the volume of a liquid. Now you might be thinking if both of them are measuring units of a liquid then what’s the difference between them? and why don’t we use one of them? Why do we use both of them? And how many pints in a litre.

Hang on till the end of the article to have a clear understanding of what is the difference between them. Actually, both of them are used in different countries.

Pint is the imperial unit used in UK and US. It is based on the binary system. However, Litre is a metric unit that is used worldwide except in three nations that are US, Liberia and Myanmar. It is based on a decimal system. A further distinction between pint and litre can be seen in the following chart:



                    Pint                       Litre
1 pint= 568.261 milliliter       1 litre= 1000 milliliter
1 pint= 2 cups       1 litre= 4 and ¼ cups
1 pint= 1/8 gallon       1 litre= ¼ gallon


Basic Conversion- How Many Pints in a Liter of Water?

Have you ever gone to buy groceries and seen a lot of products with measuring unit pints but you are unable to calculate how many pints are there in a litre? We’ll guide you to the complete method of conversion of pints in a litre that will help you to easily convert pints into litres the next time you go grocery shopping. The basic formula to know how many pints are in a litre of water is to simply multiply the value of litre with 2.1133764189.

                             Pint= value of litre x 2.1133764189

And to know UK pints in a litre it is as follows:

                             Pint= value of litre x 1.7598

 How Many Pints in a Litre of Water?

Now for further clarification and understanding lets us apply the above-mentioned formula to know how many pints are there in a litre of water?

How many pints in a litre of water:

US pints:

Pints= 1 litre x 2.1133764189

     = 2.1133764189 US pints.

       So there are 2.1134 US pints in a litre of water.

UK pints:

Pints: 1-litre x 1.7598

       =1.7598 UK pints

There are 1.76 UK pints in a litre of water.

Pints in the range of litres of water:

2 pints= 4.2266 US pints / 3.5196 UK pints

5 pints = 10.5665 US pints / 8.799 UK pints

10 pints = 21.133 US pints / 17.59 UK pints

15 pints = 31.700 US pints / 26.25 UK pints

How many pints in a 1-litre oil?

We have seen how to find pints in a litre water. Let us now see how to find pints of oil. So finding pints in oil completely depends upon the type of oil. For example, 1 litre of engine oil is equal to 1.75 pints but one litre of cooking oil is equal to  2.12 pints.

Conversion Example: How Many Pints in a Liter?

Question:1 Sara is selling soda drinks at a local market. She has 20 litres of soda and plans to serve them in half-pint glasses so how many glasses of soda drinks can she sell at the local market?

Answer: Let us first convert litres into pints using the UK pints conversion method:

20 × 1.75 = 35

One pint makes two glasses, so multiply by two:

35 × 2 = 70

Sara can sell 70 soda drinks.


How many pints in a litre

Ways to convert Pints into Litres:

There are a few ways that make it easier to convert pints into litres. Before asking the person next to you  how many pints in a litre make sure to read this. Let us look at a few:

  1.     Calculator:

Some people find it difficult to do maths mentally so what you can do is use the calculator to convert pints into litres. Now it doesn’t mean that you will have to carry a calculator where ever you go. Everyone these days has smartphones and smartphones are portable too so what you can do is you can use the calculator on your smartphone to convert pints into litres using the formula.

  1.     Round off to the Decimal Place:

At times it happens that when you convert a pint into a litre you get the answer that has several decimals places. For example, if you get the answer 1.7598 you can round off it to 1.76.

Importance of conversion of Pints into Litres in everyday life:

how many pints in a litre might become your everyday life if you are from somewhere that has always used the litre measuring unit? It can also become problematic while cooking because everytime 


Cooking is something without which we cannot live and cooking involve measuring units.People who always have to google how many pints in a litre might not be that fast in cooking because they need time to understand the concept.

For example, if a recipe says that you need to add 2 pints of milk but you are not aware of pints you have more understanding of litres so what you can do is you can convert pints into litres and then add that amount of milk.

Reading labels:

Converting pints into litres not only helps us in cooking but also helps us understand the number of ingredients mentioned in different products. Asking a cashier in a grocery store how many pints in a litre kind of looks awkward. What if he doesn’t know the answer too? Or what if he gives you the side eye judging you? So, you must be able to do that yourself. 

UK-based products have measurements written in points so if you know the conversion method you can understand the exact amount of ingredients.



International travel:

Travelling to countries that don’t use litre as measuring units can lead to trouble if you don’t have a grip on the conversion of litre into pints. Now you cannot possibly take out your phone and google how many pints in a litre every single time. Who knows if you have a stable internet connection at the moment or if you even have battery in your phone? 

While travelling internationally you will need this conversion method to understand the serving size at restaurants or if you are going on a road trip you will need it to know the amount of fuel.

Remember These Points

– Pints and Litres are measuring units used to determine the volume of liquids.

– Pint is an imperial unit used in the UK and US, while Litre is a metric unit used worldwide except in the US, Liberia, and Myanmar.

– The basic conversion formula to find pints in a litre is to multiply the value of the litre by 2.1133764189 for US pints and 1.7598 for UK pints.

– Understanding the conversion is essential for everyday activities like cooking, reading product labels, and international travel.



In our everyday lives, measuring liquids accurately is vital, whether it’s for cooking, shopping, or understanding product labels. The conversion between Pints and Litres plays a crucial role in ensuring precise measurements and enabling seamless interactions with various measurement systems worldwide.

No you are confident enough to answer the question of children that how many pints in a litre? Because we have provided you with a useful guide here. 

By grasping the concept of Pints and Litres, individuals can confidently convert measurements, whether they encounter products labeled in pints or need to understand serving sizes during international travel. Whether you’re a seasoned cook, a traveler, or simply someone who values accuracy in everyday activities, mastering the conversion between Pints and Litres empowers you with knowledge and efficiency. So, the next time you’re cooking up a storm or exploring new places, you’ll have the confidence to handle measurements with ease, making every experience smoother and more enjoyable. 

Remember, a little knowledge of measurement conversion can lead to a big difference in your everyday life!

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