how long does it take to grow hair 12 inches

How long does it take to grow hair 12 inches

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Why Does My Scalp Itch a Day After Washing?

how long does it take to grow hair 12 inches? Are you also the only one who is scratching his scalp just after a day of hair wash? If so, you don’t have to worry because you are not the only person facing this issue. There are many who complain about post-wash scalp itching. Itching the scalp just after a day of hair washing is very frustrating right? Uh. Have you ever sat and thought about what is causing scalp itch? Actually Scalp itching can be caused by a number of reasons. It can be due to not washing out the shampoo properly from the scalp or it can be caused by any health issues like Scalp psoriasis, dandruff or thyroid disease. Just as every problem has a solution all you have to do is look for it, Scalp itching can also be cured when treated properly.

Tips and Remedies to Soothe an Itchy Scalp:

  1.     Apple Cider Vinegar

 I caught you thinking Apple cider vinegar? How can it cure my itchy scalp? Well ACV is an antifungal and antibacterial liquid so if you have an itchy scalp due to fungus or any infection ACV will help control bacteria on your scalp. How long does it take to grow hair 12 inches  What you have to do is after washing your hair with shampoo, mix 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into ¾ glasses of lukewarm water. Pour the mixture on your scalp, massage it with your fingertips and wash it after a few minutes.

  1.     Aloe Vera

Another easy peasy solution to your itchy scalp is Aloe Vera as it has anti-inflammatory properties so it will help reduce itchiness on the dry scalp by providing moisture to the scalp. Aloe vera gel is easily available at shops so you can either buy it or make it at home. Home-made aloe vera gel is more effective. Take a leaf of aloe vera and peel it from one side. Scoop out the gel on the leaf with the help of a spoon and blend it in a blender for a few seconds. The aloe vera gel is now ready you can apply it on your scalp for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

  1.     Yogurt:

Yogurt will give instant relief from itching. It is said that yogurt has antifungal properties so it helps to hydrate your scalp and help relieve itching. You can mix the egg in yoghurt, honey in yoghurt, or coconut oil in yoghurt and apply it on your scalp. In case you don’t have any of these or you are allergic to them you can simply just apply yogurt on your scalp. Leave it on your scalp for 30 minutes and then wash it.

  1.     Rose Water:

Having anti-inflammatory properties Rose water can help you cure itchy or dry scalp. You can apply rose water on your scalp and massage it with your fingers for a few minutes. You can leave it on the scalp overnight or for some hours.

  1.     Green tea

Green tea is not only good for our health but also for our scalp health. It has calming or cooling properties so it can help reduce itching on your scalp. Prepare green tea and let it cool down for some time. After that apply it to your hair for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

  1.     Peppermint oil:

   Peppermint oil is beneficial to fight itchy scalp and it helps to cure other scalp problems as well. Apply peppermint oil to your hair and leave it on for some time after that wash your hair.

Avoiding Common Mistakes that Aggravate Scalp Itchiness

Many people make mistakes like using dyes or fragrances on their scalp even when they have itchy scalp issues which leads to aggravate scalp itchiness. So avoid using chemical products and avoid using a comb, pillowcase, brush, towels or hats of any other person in your home.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Hair 12 Inches?

Before moving on to how long does it take to grow hair 12 Inch you need to know how long 12-Inch hair are. So 12-inch hair are slightly longer than your shoulder.Waiting for hair to grow sometimes becomes really difficult as we can’t wait much to grow our hair quickly. We look for remedies to grow our hair long overnight which is not possible. Hair grows half an inch per month in this way you can grow 6-inch-long hair in a year. Now coming to the question how long does it take to grow hair 12 inches? For that, you need a minimum of 2 years period. However as hair growth varies from person to person, some people grow hair quickly as compared to others.

Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle: An Insightful Overview

Understanding the hair growth cycle will help you understand your hair issues more closely.The hair growth cycle consists of four phases:

  1.     Anagen Phase:

The first phase or anagen phase is said to be the growth phase of hair. growth cycle. In this phase, a hair continues to grow until it reaches the end of its lifespan. The anagen phase varies from person to person, in some people, a single strand of hair can keep growing for 7 years. However, in others, a single hair strand may grow for 3 years. During the Anagen phase, a hair grows half an inch every month.

  1.     Catagen phase:

This phase is said to transition phase. In this phase, hair growth slows down and this period lasts for 10 days.

  1.     Telogen phase:

This phase is known as the resting phase in this phase the hair strand remains in the follicle but it does not grow. This stage lasts for 30 to 100 days.

  1. Exogen phase:

The exogen phase also known as the shedding phase is the one during which you lose 50 to 100 strands of your hair per day during hair wash or while brushing your hair. This phase is usually 3 to 5 months long.

Factors Affecting Hair Growth Rate and Length Attainment

When it comes to hair growth people often blame genetics and hormones for their hair loss and hair thinning but apart from these there are a number of other factors that play vital roles in increasing hair growth:

how long does it take to grow hair 12 inches


Only applying hair oils or using hair remedies with a poor diet won’t help you increase your hair length.

Vitamin and Nutrients:

It is better to take vitamins and nutrients via food but if you are unable to do so then you can add multivitamins supplements to your daily routine.


Stress is one of the most common reasons behind hair loss that many people ignore. So you need to learn to control hair loss to control your hair fall.

Health issues:

Many diseases such as Alopecia areata, Scalp infection, Scalp psoriasis or Thyroid disease can cause hair loss. So if you are suffering from any of these you first need to get proper treatment..

How Long to Grow My Hair 12 Inches: Patience is Key

Incorporating Proper Hair Care Routines to Maximize Growth

Growing your hair 12 inches long is not a piece of cake and thinking that you’ll be able to achieve your desirable hair length in a month or few days will only disappoint you. There’s no magical oil that can make your hair grow overnight. All you have to do is be patient and be consistent with your hair care routine. Growing hair becomes easier if you are doing the right hair care routine. Here are some hair care routine tips:

  1.     Use shampoo only twice or thrice a week:

Using shampoo every day can cause damage to your hair because shampoo contains a lot of chemical products. So it is sufficient to wash your hair only twice or thrice a week not more than that.

  1.     Avoid using heat styling tools:

Using heat on your hair too frequently will ultimately lead to frizzy, dry, dull hair and split ends as well so avoid using heat styling tools. On occasions when you have to use it then you must keep the temperature of the hair styling tool low and apply heat-protecting serum on your hair before using.

  1.     Wash your hair with cool water:

Washing your hair with hot water can make it rough and hot water is not good for your scalp health as well so always use cool water to wash your hair. Massage shampoo on your scalp in a circular motion with your fingertips it’ll help boost blood circulation.

  1.     Stop rubbing hair with a towel:

Rubbing your hair with the towel will cause hair loss and long-term hair damage. Instead, be gentle with your hair. Always use a microfibre towel or a cotton T-shirt to dry your hair.

  1.     Massage scalp daily:

You might be thinking that massaging your scalp daily means you have to use oil daily so that’s not true. You don’t have to use oil daily just massage your scalp for 5 minutes several times a day using your fingertips and in a circular motion.

  1.     Applying oil daily:

Applying oil daily on hair won’t make your hair grow in a week or a month but instead, it will clog your pores and attract dirt from the environment.

Celebrating Success: Reaching Your Desired Hair Length

Reaching hair length of your desire can be a great source of happiness. By following the tips mentioned in the above blog and avoiding hair care mistakes, you can achieve your desired 12-inch hair length. Best of luck!

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